At Clothing Boutique with Tara

Nothing says spending quality time together like shopping in a clothing store. Me and Tara are just at Clothing Boutique checking out some of the clothes. She was all flirty and was telling me that she was looking for something a little rough around the edges. She took me to the back of the store and held my hands and asked me to see what I think about some of the different outfits she's gonna try on. First though, she told me to try on this suit that she thought looked cute. So, I put on this odd-looking suit that comes with glasses, something that I typically wouldn't wear. It kinda made me look a little dorky, but Tara still thought it looked good on me. After I tried on the suit, Tara tried on a few different outfits and one of them that she really liked was this one that had green army combat pants and a nice short beige top, it made her look tough. I like tough woman, hehe! I told her it looked great on her and that I was gonna buy it for her. Lastly, I tried on this green muscle shirt and I liked it because it fits my style of clothing. So, I guess it's all set and done. I'm gonna to buy that dorky looking suit that comes with glasses because Tara thinks it looks good on me, I'm going to buy her that army-like outfit, and I'm gonna buy myself that green muscle shirt. Who could have thought that we could have so much fun shopping together, Tara’s just such an awesome gal to hang around with. I’m so happy that she’s my girlfriend.