My Beautiful Queen Tara

Me and Tara are having such a lovely time together at the Queen’s Leaf. We both ordered some fried fish and some coffee. While we were waiting for our order, we sure had so much fun flirting and joking around together. That's the thing about Tara, she's so fun and loving. I really love that about her.

We've grown so close since we first met. I remember the first time I saw her back at the Blue Velvet in February 1992, that's before I even knew her name. A few months later, I saw her again at the Oasis, and that's when I got the courage to ask her for her name. Ever since then, it's been a beautiful growing relationship and now she's my girlfriend. In matter of fact as we were joking around and flirting, I called her my beautiful queen, lol! She chuckled and smiled at me, and she said that I was her handsome king as she poked me in the arm. We just have so much fun together all the time, I love spending time with her. She’s such a wonderful girlfriend, and I love her very much.

Anyways, about the food… The fried fish we had was pretty damn awesome, and I mean finger licking good! The chef loaded it up with a ton of garlic and pepper, a beautiful combination. You could definitely tell that Tara was enjoying it because she was eating it with her eyes closed while letting the taste sit in her mouth. Yeah, pretty good stuff. We’ll definitely be coming back here again that's for sure.

Well, we're just chatting and finishing up our coffee now. We’re thinking of maybe going to the mall to do some shopping after we leave the Queen’s Leaf. Tara wanted to pick up some new clothes, and I think I could also use some new attire myself. We'll have a good time together. I'll let her choose my clothes, and she can let me choose hers, lol!