Tara Beat Me Up!

I woke up today to a knock on my door, it was Tara. She came over quite early today, but that's cool though because I love spending time with her at anytime of the day. In matter of fact I just had a close encounter with her, hehe! I was being such a gentleman and showing my dedicated love to her by kissing her on the cheek, and then suddenly she yelled neighborhood brawl day and attacked me! She tackled me to the ground and wrestled. Of course I was passive and let her win the wrestling match. After she beat me up, she gave me a big hug to show how much she loved me, and then we hugged even more. I chuckled and asked her what neighborhood brawl day was, and she said that it was a new holiday where people fight each other for fun and good sport. I chuckled and thought to myself how wonderful a holiday is where your girlfriend gets to beat you up, lol! I told her that I loved her and that she's quite the fighter. She laughed and told me that she loved me too. Anyways, we're just about have some lunch. I'm thinking of making some hot dogs on the barbecue.