Genevieve Came Over

Genevieve's over right now. I’m glad she came because with Tigger running away again and all I’m kinda feeling a little bit down, but she's doing an awesome job at trying to cheer me up. Anyways, I put in a lost pet report, and then me and Genevieve did some dancing. She said nothing cheers a person up like a good dance, so we boogied together for a bit. Now, we're just sitting at the bar and joking around and talking about old times. That's one thing with Genevieve, she's like me and just loves talking about the past and good times. I'm glad Genevieve's my best friend because she's such an awesome gal! Damn, I have to go to work pretty soon. I'm totally not in the mood to go and I just want to call in, but I need to save my vacation days for our planned trip to the jungle resort. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try and stay strong for the evening.

Genevieve cheering me up
Posted a lost pet report of Tigger
Me and Genevieve dancing
Joking around with Genevieve

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