It's a Party at the Barbecue!

Everyone's having such a good time at the barbecue! Stephon and Lydia were on the couch chatting and joking about their old relationship while having some cold drinks. It's good to see that they have a sense of humor and can remain friends after how their relationship ended. Man, my mom got into some weird tangent and started telling everyone stories about when I was a kid. She said things that Tara and everyone else didn't need to hear, lol! Afterwards, I went out to put the hamburgers on the barbecue, and I drenched them in a ton of barbecue sauce. Once these beauties are done grilling, these are gonna be the best burgers ever! When I got back inside, Tara was sitting with my mom and they were chatting with Stephon and Lydia while having some more drinks. They were telling Lydia about the romance festival we all went to back in May. Tara also told my mom that me and her also went to a romance festival in July, and she said that I was such a sweetheart. I love Tara so much, she's such an awesome girlfriend. Genevieve and my dad were chatting together at the bar in my kitchen while sipping back on their drinks. They were talking about our planned road trip to the jungle resort. Well, I'm getting a little thirsty myself, I think it’s time for another drink!