At the Romance Festival with Tara

Me and Tara had a lovely time at the romance festival together. I tell you one thing though, it was pretty damn hot out there in San Myshuno. I would have much rather had the cold rain like in Willow Creek instead of having the heat. Anyways, we saw my parents at the festival too. We talked for a bit, and then we left them alone to themselves. Me and Tara tried this special kind of tea that was poured from a fountain. I don't know what was in it, but it gave both of us an energy buzz. The best part of the festival was having Tara close to me. We kissed, hugged, and enjoyed each other's company. I loved cuddling and talking with her on the bench, it was so romantic. A little later in the night, Tara ordered a dish from the food stand because her tummy was yelling at her. It was quite funny watching her try to eat her food with chopsticks, she had such a hard time. I never really liked using chopsticks because I have hard time eating with them myself. A moment I really loved about tonight was when me and Tara were holding hands and talking about our relationship and how wonderful it was. Our eyes were locked onto one another, and the love was just flowing around us. I love her so much, and I know she loves me too. Love is so beautiful, and I feel like the happiest person in the world to have Tara as my girlfriend.


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