Drinking and Having Fun with Genevieve

Me and Genevieve are just chilling out at my place and having some drinks. Man, she's such an awesome best friend. I'm glad that we can laugh and have so much fun together! I showed her the renovations I did on the kitchen, and she loved it.

Anyways, while we were having some drinks at my new bar, Genevieve told me that she's really wanting to find a boyfriend. That made me think of my buddy, Brian. I can't remember if I brought up the thought to her of her and Brian dating. So, I suggested it to her anyways. I told her that he's a really good guy, and I think it would be awesome if he had a good girlfriend. Genevieve said that he was kinda cute and that she wouldn't mind getting to know him a little better. So, I guess that means I gotta setup a date for those two.

Hehe, I told Genevieve about the time when me and Brian were playing throw the pirate sword when we were kids. I was a little instigator, lol! I threw the plastic sword at him first, but when he threw it back it hit me just above the eye and left a gash. I cried like a little baby. Genevieve laughed while mocking me by pretending to cry, lol!

Afterwards, me and Genevieve went to chill by the stereo and listen to some music. She was dancing, and I was being all lazy sitting back on the couch. We were talking about how messed up this weather is. She's heard all of the rumors about this strange climate change stuff at the Blue Velvet where she works. Apparently, on Saturday we're supposed to get some kind of major thunderstorm. I haven't seen a storm in Willow Creek since I moved here. It's pretty messed up that this is happening so suddenly and out of nowhere...