On a Date with Tara at the Chez Llama

Me and Tara are having a lovely time together on our date at the Chez Llama. I ordered us some volcano pasta and some red wine. While we were waiting for our food and drinks to be served, me and Tara were talking about the news of the whole change in climate thing that has been going around Willow Creek lately. I asked her what she would do if we ended up getting a ton of snow. She smiled, kicked me in the leg, and said that she would throw a snowball at me. Thanks, I love you too, lol! When our order arrived, we decided to celebrate our relationship by drinking some wine first, I got us an expensive bottle! Tara loves wine, but I prefer beer myself. I find wine to be generally too sweet for my liking. Anyways, we finally began to dig into the volcano pasta and oh man... it was awful! It was absolutely disgusting, both me and Tara gagged! The noodles were so thick and slimy, and the sauce tasted like candy. We both ended up throwing at least half of it out. Well, Me and Tara are just talking and having some more wine right now. Although the food was a complete let down, it's still nice to be spending time together.