Our First Beer Drinkers Club Gathering!

Woooo! Rock and effing roll, baby! We're all hammered and having such a blast at our first Beer Drinkers club gathering! Let the beer flow like a beautiful stream of water running down a majestic mountain! Oh yeah, lots of beer! Man, we're just having such a great time. We're drinking some good beer, played some foosball, played some darts, and we're just chatting it up. I told Tara, Stephon, and my dad about my new promotion, and everyone each bought a round of beer to celebrate. Man, I did so bad at foosball. I challenged my dad, but he whooped me. Of course Stephon was clapping for him and laughing at me, gee thanks bro! My lovely girlfriend Tara was there though to give me a hug and comfort me during that horrible defeat against my dad, lol! The tides did turn when we all played darts though. My dad couldn't even hit the board, lol. Me and Tara did okay, but Stephon did the best. Well, it's late into the night, but there is still much more beer to drink! Let the beer continue to flow, and let the night continue to live on! Woooo!