Having a Lovely Time with Tara at the Moonlight

Me and Tara are having a lovely time together at the Moonlight. I love going on dates with her. So much for breakfast though! Instead, I ordered a nice juicy steak, and she ordered some spaghetti. We also enjoyed some nice red wine together. We get a long so well, it's just so awesome! I made her laugh so hard when I told her a joke about Stephon, lol! She was laughing so hard that she ended up holding her stomach. While eating our food and drinking our wine, we also talked about the romance festival and how much of a wonderful time we had together. We both can't wait for the festival to happen again. She really liked when I threw those flower petals at her. I'm so in love with her! After we're done drinking the rest of our wine, I wanna go for a nice walk around the neighborhood with her. It's a nice day out, and going for a nice walk with her in such a gorgeous neighborhood would be quite beautiful.