Good Times and Good Booze with Stephon

Me and my brother from another mother, Stephon, are having a blast and enjoying some good booze! We were talking about the romance festival. I told him that he and Harper were really getting it on. He laughed and said that the real fun happened when they went home. He pointed out that me and Tara looked pretty good together. I told him that me and Tara had a really great time together. I told him about how I threw flower petals at her. He laughed and told me to man up and that I should have just grabbed her ass. What a guy, lol! I told him that I'm not a sex addict like him and that I believe in romance. Stephon just smirked as he downed his beer. Afterwards, he went on and told me about some messed up patient he had at the hospital. I guess some guy thought he could fly and ended up jumping off the roof of a house. He suffered some fractured and broken bones. Some people... I also showed Stephon my new drinking chair and introduced him to my little buddy Tigger. He went to pet Tigger, but he ended up getting sharp claws in the hand, lol! It was pretty funny! Anyways, we're still sipping back on some good booze. I made us few barley bales. The hard stuff really gives you that extra kick!

Me and Stephon
Me and Stephon

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