On a Date at the Moonlight with Tara

Me and Tara are at the Moonlight, we're on a date! The first thing I did was give her a big warm hug, and It felt so good!

Anyways, while waiting for our order we were talking and we ended up bumping legs under the table. It felt so good when our legs touched, it gave me warm fuzzies inside! I couldn't help but smile, and I told Tara that she had nice soft legs. She blushed and smiled right back at me.

The love was so flowing... We were really having such a good time together. I kissed her hand and told her that I'm always happy when I'm around her. She smiled and said that she's happy when she's around me too. It's so awesome that we're bonding so well. I'm so in love with her.

Afterwards, our food had finally arrived. I ordered a nice juicy steak, and Tara had fish and chips. I also ordered us some nice expensive wine to celebrate our date. We cheered and drank it down pretty damn fast, and then we began to dig into the food. I have to say that the steak was pretty damn good, one of the best I've ever had. It was nicely seasoned and had a nice kick to it. Tara said that her fish and chips were pretty tasty too. It was made with real fish not that processed stuff.

Well, I'm just about to go pay for the bill, and then me and Tara are gonna go hang outside for a bit. Maybe we will go for a walk together around the neighborhood.

Me and Tara bumped legs under the table. I told her that she had nice soft legs and she blushed!

I kissed Tara's hand and told her that she makes me happy when I'm around her.

Me and Tara drinking some good wine together!

Me and Tara enjoying our lunch. I ordered a steak and she had fish and chips.