Having a Beautiful Time with Tara at the Park

I'm having a beautiful time with Tara at the park. We're enjoying the new scenery, they did such a wonderful job in renovating the place. I blew Tara a kiss to show my affection, she returned the affection with a cute gesture. I love when we flirt with each other, it makes me feel all warm inside! Anyways, me and Tara were talking and out of nowhere some gardener guy comes and asks Tara and some kid to take a picture with him. I guess he wanted it for some kind of a photo book for the park. Afterwards, me and Tara spent some time together looking at the beautiful new fountain they placed in the park. While we were looking at the fountain, I made a funny face and Tara just completely lost it and burst out in laughter, she's such a cutie! Now we're just inside a building in the park. I was showing her some of the pictures we took together, and we talked about how much fun we had last year. I remember when we first held hands, it was at the museum last year, it felt so good.

I made a funny face and Tara started laughing so hard, lol! She's such a cutie, I'm so in love with her.