Having a Yard Sale and My Uncle John

I spent a few hours today so far having my yard sale. Unfortunately, I didn't sell a lot... I guess nobody is interesting in buying my junk. I even tried getting people to come with my nice sales pitch, but it wasn't very effective. I was hoping to make at least a decent amount of extra cash, but oh well it was worth a try. Despite my yard sale failure, I did end up seeing my uncle John. He was the only who bought something. I think he just felt sorry for me because when he asked how business was going I said it was terrible. It was really good to see him though, it's been years since we last saw each other. He said that he just moved to Newcrest after most recently breaking up with my auntie Erika. I didn't ask what happened between them, I'll save that for another day! Well, I'm just deciding if I should continue on with the yard sale, or maybe I should just pack it all up and have some cold beers instead!