Having Some Fun at the Arid Ridge

I'm just at the Arid Ridge right now, and guess who I ran into!? Harper! I guess she's bartending tonight. Man, it's been a good while since I last saw her. My bro Stephon, her lover, is always telling me about the dirty things they do together though, so at least I know she's doing okay, lol! One thing I love about the Arid Ridge is the pool. It's a pretty damn nice pool to be swimming and having some nice cold drinks in! Me and Harper were talking about the beer drinking club while she was serving drinks. I'm thinking of arranging our first meeting at the Old Quarter Inn pretty soon. We gotta get this started! Anyways, my cousin Cassi showed up and we're just chatting. She said that she got into a fight with her fiancé, so she wanted to have a night out and some drinks. The pool is so tempting, I think I'm gonna go for a swim pretty soon!