A Bright Sunny Day and a Jog

It's a pretty sunny day out today! It's almost blinding. Me and Genevieve over did it on the booze last night, and I woke up with such a terrible hangover. All this light and brightness has made so much worst. Anyways, I took a shower because I smelled like crap. It must have been the smell of all the different foods from the restaurant mixed with the beer I accidentally spilled all over myself last night. I kinda passed out in my clothes, lol! After I took a shower, I grabbed a serving of my famous and delicious grilled fruit for lunch, the stuff never gets old. Sadly, I ate lunch beside a dish of food that went bad. Man, sometimes I can be such a slob... I gotta really try and cleanup a little better. Afterwards, I decided to take a jog. Yeah, I'm actually making an effort on keeping fit, and I'm gonna commit to it for once and for all. It's time to stop with the damn illegal weight loss drugs! Well, I'm just getting ready for work now. I got about an hour before I leave.