Having a Great Evening in San Myshuno

I have to say that San Myshuno is quite a beautiful city. Well, we've only explored the art quarter so far, but we'll get some more exploring done another day. Anyways, it's just me and my buddy Brian now. Genevieve had to go to work, the Blue Velvet is keeping her pretty damn busy. So, I was asking Brian what he thinks of Genevieve. He said that she's a cute and nice gal. I asked him if he'd ever date her, and he said, “I sure would!” This is awesome, but I gotta see what Genevieve thinks of Brian. If they hookup, I can focus on Tara without hurting Genevieve's feelings. I'm not saying that I'm just trying to dump her on Brian, but I'm in love with Tara. Well, me and Brian are just watching a live performance right now, and then it's time to call it a night.