Vandalism in Windenburg

I got a new assignment today at work. A pub in Windenburg was badly vandalized. I arrived at the the crime scene, and there was broken items and graffiti all over the place. I took some witness reports, and by the way the cowboy guy was one of the witnesses again. I'm beginning to think there's something funny about that guy. Anyways, after I talked to the witnesses, I collected some evidence and took some photos of the crime scene. I then went back to the station to analyze the evidence, but nothing turned out useful. We did get a couple of clues though from the witnesses. Apparently the suspect is a female with brown hair. So, I talked with the chief and some fellow officers. We discussed plans and what we're gonna do tomorrow. Unfortunately, we didn't get a big lead today, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. Also, there seems to be some love birds in the force! I saw two officers getting all touchy with each other, lol!

The pub was badly vandalized.

Taking a photo of the damaged music player.

Talking to a witness.

Analyzing the evidence I collected.

Checking out the clues we have so far.

Talking with some fellow officers.

Talking with the chief.

A couple of love birds getting all touchy with each other!