Patrolling, Respect, and a Couple of Frustrated Citizens

Well, they put me on patrol duty. I'm just patrolling a neighborhood in Newcrest right now. It's been an interesting day so far. I ran into some angry dude who was all yelling and freaking out. I asked him what his problem was. He wasn't very coherent though, I think he was pretty damn drunk. I told him to relax or else I would have to arrest him for causing drunken public mischief. Afterwards, I continued on with the patrolling and ended up talking with this lady. She was thanking me and telling me how much she respects us officers. I told her that I really appreciated that. Even though I'm just a rookie, it still feels good to hear that people respect the line of work we do. Anyways, I also ran into that depressed chick again, the one I met at the Old Quarter Inn a while back. Just like that other dude, she was pretty damn angry too. However, she wasn't drunk. She said that a car drove by with a bunch of punks, and they threw a hot dog at her. I asked if she got the license plate, but she said no. So, I just tried to calm her down as best as I could.

An angry drunk guy causing drunken public mischief.

A nice lady telling me how she respects us officers.

The depressed chick is angry because punks in a car threw a hot dog at her.