Some Good Fun and Booze with Stephon

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Rocking effing role, baby! Woooooo! My brutha from anutha mutha is here! Me and Stephon are sitting back, listening to some good tunes, and drinking some good booze. We're gonna get effing hammered tonight! I told him about my first day as a cadet, and how phat this job is. He's like, “Phhh, join the medical field. I had to deal with some prostitute the other day who ended up getting gonorrhea.” Hows that for excitement, he said. Well, I kinda told him that something like that doesn't sound too pleasing to the ears. He laughed and said, “No shit!” I told him about that crazy whacked up chick who was hanging off the cell and screaming earlier today. He laughed and took a huge chug from his beer. He said that I'm gonna have a lot of fun! LMAO, I know... I'm gonna meet a lot of interesting people! Well, me and Stephon are just staring at that damn box sitting on my table. It's the box I found a while ago, but I haven't opened it yet. We're both curious to see what's inside!