Chilling at the Rattlesnake

Me and Stephon ended up going down to the Rattlesnake for some more drinks. It was a small crowd tonight, but it was definitely happening. I was sitting next to this damn wild chick, she was just outrageously hyper, lol. I guess she had a little too much to drink. I also seen that depressed chick who I met at the Old Quarter Inn back in January. She's definitely not so depressed now. She was doing some hardcore flirting with that dude in the cap. Anyways, me and Stephon shot back some pretty damn good whiskey tonight. We've been mostly drinking that all night up until he left about half an hour ago or so. The whiskey rush is a strong rush, and it puts hair on your chest, hehe! Now, I'm just eating this delicious pretzel, and then I'm gonna head home and get some sleep. I gotta get up early again for work. It's gonna take some time to get used to this damn schedule. I really hate waking up early...

Sitting beside some wild chick.

The depressed lady from the Old Quarter Inn is flirting hardcore with the dude in the cap.

Enjoying a delicious pretzel!