Me and Tara Are Having a Good Time Together at the Chezz Llama

The night's going great! Me and Tara are having a pretty damn good time together! When she first arrived at the Chezz Llama, the seafood joint, the first thing she noticed was that I was wearing a suit. She called me Mr. Fancy Pants, haha! She said that I looked good though. Anyways, we're just hanging out inside, chatting, and having some good drinks. I told her that I got the job, she congratulated me with a soft punch to the arm. I'm very happy that I got the position because there is potential to make a lot more money than what I was making at my old job. That means I can buy Tara nice things! Me and Tara have been drinking a lot of wine tonight, and we're both feeling the buzz! She's such a cute girl. Just sitting beside her right now gives me warm fuzzies inside my stomach! I think we're gonna go for a walk pretty soon. The scenery in this area is just absolutely beautiful.