Replaced My Broken Stuff and Bought a Picnic Table with Tara

I finally got all of my broken stuff replaced! My dad left, so me and Tara went to the store to get a new microwave, coffee machine, and a new kitchen sink. I also spiced up my yard with a new picnic table for drinking booze on! What the heck, it was on sale for only $250! Tara is such a sweet girl. She wanted to help me drag the picnic table into my yard, but I told her that I could handle it. I didn't want her to hurt herself by pulling a muscle or something. Anyways, me and Tara are just sitting at my new picnic table and enjoying some nice cold drinks together. She's getting flirty with me, and I'm getting flirty with her! She's such an awesome girl, and I love spending time with her.