Tara Wanted to See Me!

I'm so happy, Tara's here! She came over not too long after my dad arrived. She said that she wanted to see me. The first thing she did when she got inside was give me a hug. It felt so warm and beautiful, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside my stomach! She asked me how I liked her new hair, tan, and makeup. I told her I loved it and that she looked so beautiful. She smiled and gave me another hug. Damn, even my dad was like, “Whoooahhh!” He gave me a wink and a thumbs up! I'm thinking today is probably not the day to replace all of my broken stuff. However, I really did want to check in on that detective position. Oh well, I'll do everything tomorrow!

Me and Tara Hugging
Me, Tara, and My Dad


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