The End of a Good Night and a Wrench!

Well, we all had a pretty damn awesome night of chatting and drinking. We also did some boogie dancing, haha! Victoria suffered the most because she was down right sloshed.

Genevieve was getting a bit flirty with me again tonight. I still haven't told her that I was in love with Tara yet... I'm so terrified that I might hurt her feelings. She is my best friend, and I don't want to break her heart. I'm hoping to introduce her to my buddy, Brian. I think they would make a good pair!

Anyways, we all went outside for some more drinks after Victoria left. We just stuck around the yard and continued to chat while we sipped back on the good booze. Andrew said that he had a blast hanging out with all of us tonight, and that he was definitely gonna be moving to Willow Creek. Right on, it will be awesome to chill with him ore often!

Afterwards, Andrew left and it was just me and Genevieve. We had another drink together before she left too. We were talking about good times like when we first met at the Rattlesnake or how we went swimming together at the Arid Ridge. Me and Genevieve have had a lot of good times since we first met. She's my best friend forever!

Well, I just finished drinking a wrench and I'm pretty damn tired now. So, I guess I'm gonna be heading off to bed. It's gonna be big day tomorrow. I gotta get my stuff repaired, and I gotta see if that detective position is still available.

Genevieve was flirting with me again.

Me, Genevieve, and Andrew having some cold drinks outside.

Me and Genevieve chilling outside together.

I enjoyed a nice cold wrench while listening to some good tunes, but man I'm pretty damn tired now!