Stephon's Here!

It’s all going good... it’s all going good! Stephon showed up too. He was kinda in a bad mood at first, but with some good music and some cold beer he cheered up pretty damn fast! He said he got into a huge argument with Harper before coming over. Relationship problems, they will make anyone miserable. I don’t have to worry about that though because I’m single. Well, hopefully not for long because I’m gonna ask Tara if she wants to be in a relationship with me soon.

Anyways, we had a lot to drink tonight. We also talked about the beer drinking club. It’s all set and done! Our club is gonna be called, “The Beer Drinkers!” Our hangout place is gonna be at the Old Quarter Inn as planned. We’re all gonna save up so that we can buy out the place. I think it would be awesome to own the Old Quarter Inn! Of course, I have to get a new job to make money...

So, I decided to share the news with Stephon about me quitting my job. He was like, “Dude, why don’t you come and work at the hospital?” I told him that I’m gonna apply to become a detective. He chuckled and replied with, “I guess I better stop smoking all that damn weed!” I didn’t even know that he smoked the stuff! I don’t care though, he can smoke as much as he wants too!

Unfortunately into this nice drunken evening something bad has to happen too, my kitchen sink broke... There was water splashing everywhere. It’s been a bad streak of things breaking down it seems. I’m gonna have to go out tomorrow and replace all the broken stuff. It’s gonna cost me a fortune...

After some more drinks, we talked more about the club. We were deciding if we should make a dress code or not, but we decided to pass on that idea. We just wanna have fun and drink beer, lol! There’s also some good drinking games, like darts, at the Old Quarter Inn. It will be a blast!

Well, it’s just me and Stephon now. My dad left a little while ago. My mother told him to get home, lol! Me and Stephon are still chugging back on some cold beer and listening to some good tunes. I love good music and cold beer, they mix well!


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