Having a Drink at the Rattlesnake

I’m just at the Rattlesnake right now. I decided to go for a drink and chillout for a bit. Peyton, the chick who freaked out on me at the Solar Flare last year, is the bartender right now. Sorry to say, but she’s not too good at it either. She dropped the ice and spilled some of the booze while making my drink. Oh well, I just chuckled and told her she was doing a good job anyways.

Also, this chick, I think her name was, Alice, called to see if I wanted to go out for lunch with her. She was definitely hitting on me. I don’t know who the heck she is or how we met. She said that we were hanging out together at the bar a little while ago. Damn, I don’t remember. I guess I gotta take it easy on the booze, lol. I asked how she got my number, and she said, “Your friend, Stephon, gave it to me.” Bloody Stephon! He knows I’m in love with Tara.

Anyways, I told her that I was busy and had to go. So, that was the end of that conversation. Now, I’m just chillin and watching some TV for a bit, and then I’m gonna depart from the Rattlesnake and head off to the gym for some exercise.