A Nice Talk with Tara

It was such a beautiful evening! I really enjoyed spending it with Tara. I would rather spend time with her than go out drinking anytime. We spent most of the night just talking right up until she left at about 4:30am.

I asked Tara if she has ever been to the Moonlight, the new restaurant in Willow Creek, but she said that she has never even heard of it. This is so awesome because I know that she’s gonna love it when I take her there to ask her if she wants to be in a relationship with me.

We also talked a little more about work, and I explained a little more about why I was thinking of quitting my job. I explained to her that the pay wasn’t too good, that I really wasn’t too happy being there, and that it was really becoming boring to work there. Tara said that she’s pretty happy with her job and that the pay wasn’t too bad. However, just like earlier, she told me that if I’m not happy working there, then I should find a job where I’ll be happy working at.

Me and Tara also spent some time together enjoying each other’s company while we looked at my pet frogs. It felt so good just be next to her. Tara asked me when I’m gonna come over to her place. I told her that I would love to come over anytime she wanted me to. She gave me a cute smile after I said that. Anyways, it was a good night tonight, and I really enjoyed spending it with her. I wish this night would have never ended...