Me and Tara Are Having a Nice Evening Together

Me and Tara are having a great time together! I’m glad she came over. After a rough day, it really does feel good to see her. However, I kinda feel bad that she began cleaning my place for me... I didn’t have time to clean up earlier, so the mess was still here when she arrived. She even took out my garbage... It was so embarrassing, but all I could do was get up and help her clean my mess. Anyways, we’re just outside talking now. I told her about how rough my day was. She gave me a hug, and I felt so warm and fuzzy, it felt so good. Also, I told Tara about how I was thinking that I might be quitting my job to find something new. She said that if I’m not happy there, then maybe it would be best to find a job where I would be happy working at. It’s a tough decision to make since I’ve already got a few promotions, but I don’t think I can take this job anymore. It’s getting boring, and it really doesn’t pay enough.

Me and Tara


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