Stopped by the Gym for a Workout

I decided to stop by the gym for a workout after paying my bills at the bank. I gotta shed some pounds and get back into shape! I'm doing a little better than before, but I still have to try harder if I want to lose this weight and gain my stamina back.

Stephon and Eliza showed up and came to watch me beat up the punching bag. They laughed at me because they could see how badly out of shape I am, lol. I smirked and told them to just wait and see how fit I'll become. I told them that I'll be running laps around them!

Afterwards, we went into the main gym area and did some chit chatting. I told Stephon and Eliza about how much of a blast I had at the Solar Flare last night. Stephon said he would have came, but he had to stay extra late after his shift because of some patient having a medical emergency.

After all the chit chatting with Stephon and Eliza, I finally hit the weights and pumped some iron. I really worked these muscles good, and I know that I'm gonna be pretty damn sore tomorrow! You know the old saying, "No pain no gain."

Well, all this working out has made me pretty hungry. I think I'm gonna go grab a burger or something, and then I'm gonna head home.