Drinking with Stephon

Me and Stephon are having a friggin blast, man! Good music and beers all the way! I was doing an impression of my ex-girlfriend and what she was like, and man he was like OMG!!! He said that Tara was definitely the right gal for me and that I have to make the move soon. I agree... Me and Tara have really grown since we first met back in 1992, and I think she's waiting for me to ask her to be in a relationship. Speaking of gals, bloody Stephon and his stories about his sex life again, lol! We were drinking some cold beers in my backyard, and Stephon told me that he and Harper did some really naughty stuff last night, lol. He said that she tied him up to the bed with rope, and then she raped him, lol! Sorry brutha, it's not rape when you actually enjoy it, haha! These two are pretty active, but they make a good pair. Well, me and Stephon are still drinking the cold ones. We're thinking maybe that we're gonna head down to the Blue Velvet pretty soon for some more cold beers there. Good times!