Partying It Up!

It’s a great evening, and we’re all having some good fun! I talked with Tara about the Windenburg party and how much of a great time I had with her. I asked her what she thought of my buddy Brian. She said he’s different, but seems like a pretty cool guy. I explained to her that Brian always had a wild side to him, hehe!

Oh, and it looks like my dad’s rage is completely gone. He’s definitely having a pretty good time. He even challenged Stephon to a push-up and sit-up contest. Unfortunately, Stephon tooled him, lol! He and Genevieve also did some chatting and laughing together. By that point, my dad already had quite a few beers. Sometimes, he just gets a little passionate when he has a few cold ones in him. He even gave Stephon a nice drunkenly hug!

Afterwards, I poured some more drinks for everyone. I didn’t want anyone getting thirsty, especially my dad! However, I guess Tara must have already been thirsty because she was chugging back on that beer like there was no tomorrow! Genevieve and Stephon brought up the beer drinking club to both Tara and my dad. You should have seen the look on his face! You could tell that he was excited and that nobody could stop him from joining us. Tara’s down with the idea too. She thinks it will be awesome.

Sadly, I had a bit of an embarrassing moment... I had the runs, and I guess the smell was seeping out the door... I could hear Tara saying, “Something really stinks in here.” Oh man, I just wanted to crawl under a rock after hearing that...

Anyways, we did some more talking about the club. We were brainstorming some ideas including what the heck we’re gonna call it. Me and Genevieve also did some grooving. We both had a pretty good buzz going on. My dad and Tara also did some chit chatting together. I’m glad they like each other because I know she’s the girl I’m in love with. I’m still trying to break the ice and ask her if she wants to be in a relationship with me. I don’t know why I’m so scared to ask her because we do a lot of flirting, we get a long nicely, and we hang out often enough.

Now, I just finished cooking up some burgers on the barbecue for everyone. Unfortunately, Stephon is gonna miss out on these beauties because he left to go see his gal, Harper. Also, what the heck is up with my dad. Tara said that when he was coming outside to see how the burgers were coming, he was shaking his ass to some funky music, haha! It’s definitely gotta be the booze. Well, it’s time to enjoy some burgers. Tara just grabbed her dish, and she’s pretty much drooling just from the smell! Yeah, I know... I make the best burgers ever.