The Fishing Crowd and My Bro Stephon Came Over!

So much for sleeping in today... I got up early because I really needed to use the bathroom. Also, I peaked out the window and saw that the fishing crowd was back today. They were all fishing behind my house again. The guy who was with the ladies must have been pretty desperate to try and impress them because he dropped down and began to do some pushups right in front of them, lol! People these days... I know I’ve seen that dude around before, but I just can’t remember his damn name.

Afterwards, I tried to go back to sleep, but then shortly after my bro Stephon came over and woke me up! Oh well, it just means it’s gonna be another awesome day of good fun and drinks! I was telling him about my nice drunken walk home from the Oasis last night, and I also showed him the strange looking box I found on the ground. He was like, “What the hell is that!” He was pretty damn stumped, hehe!

Anyways, I poured us some fine tasting beer, and we're just talking about the beer drinking club that we want to get started. We’re discussing some pretty phat ideas! We both definitely agree that the Old Quarter Inn is where we want our hangout to be. We also want to eventually buy out the place, but we’re trying to figure out some financing plans.

The Fishing Crowd
Me and Stephon
Pouring Some Beer
Drinking with Stephon


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