Candy and My Buddy Justin

So, it does turn out that the chick who was sitting beside me was at the party after all. Her name is Candy! What a sweet name, hehe! I spent some time talking and drinking with her. She’s quite the gal, and quite the flirt as well. Of course, I wasn’t receptive to her smooth flirty talking because there’s only one girl for me, and that’s Tara.

Also, later on in the evening my old buddy Justin showed up. It turns out that he just moved to Oasis Springs near Willow Creek. First Brian and now Justin... What is this, old friends get back together month! Anyways, it was good to see him, and we chatted it up for a while catching up on old times. He just got out of a relationship, so he’s single and looking for a lady.

Genevieve showed up for the late night shift to bartend. Poor girl, she was stuck cleaning up the mess from Vivian’s shift. I told her about the party and how awesome it was. She said it was a shame that she missed out on it. Unfortunately, she was stuck at work. I told her maybe next time, and I also told her that she should come over to my place for a few drinks soon. I wanna talk to her about Tara, and I also wanna see if she would like to meet Brian. I wanna try and get the two together because I think they would make a good pair.

Well, my night is just about over. I’m just heading home to go to bed and crash. I gotta get up earlier now since my new position starts at 2pm. That’s one of the downers of this new position, I don’t wanna get up early...