Finished My First Day as a Jingle Jammer

It was a pretty damn good first shift as a Jingle Jammer, man! I even scored a total of $402 in pay today! This promotion is already showing the benefits, and I like that! Anyways, I did some Jingle Jamming. Basically, that consisted of several live performances. I was a little worried though because one of the tunes I wrote up apparently sounds like the tune played in that woman’s deodorant commercial that’s always displayed on TV. I didn’t want people to think that I stole the composition. However, everything went swell, and nobody accused me of stealing any music. When I got home, I was just too lazy to cook, so I just finished off the remainder of the microwave dinner I cooked up for lunch earlier today while I enjoyed a nice cold drink. Also, water leaked all over my friggin floor. It kinda ticked me off because I just got the damn kitchen sink fixed... Now, I’m just on the couch getting ready to take a nap. I’m kinda tired... It’s gonna take some time getting used to this new schedule.