The Night's Over...

The night’s over, but I had a friggin good day, man! Me and Stephon continued drinking for a couple more hours together on the couch at the Solar Flare. This girl joined us. My mind is a mess right now, but I think her name was Regina. I believe I met her a little while ago. She seems to have quite a bit of life in her for an older chick, that’s cool! Of course, Stephon had to be the center of attention, so he did some macho push up for her, haha!

Afterwards, Stephon was about to depart for the night, but he gave me a drunken brotherly hug before he left. No, it was nothing more than that, lol! That man loves his woman, Harper! Me, I'm in love with Tara. Speaking of her, hanging out with her today was the best part of the day. I love that girl. We’re gonna be officially hooking up soon, I can feel it!

Anyways, after Stephon left, I went for some more drinks. Just because his night was over didn't mean mine was! I sat with the ladies and did some socializing. My good ole acquaintance Felipe showed up too. So, I spent some time drinking and talking with him for a bit. Now, I’m at home, super drunk, and tired. I’m just about to head to bed and pass out. I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow...

Stephon showing off by doing some push ups for Regina.

Stephon gave me a brotherly hug before he left for the evening.

Did some socializing with the ladies!

Talked with Felipe for a bit.

Heading to bed. I don't wanna go to work tomorrow...

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