Had a Nice Walk with Tara

Me and Tara had an awesome walk around my neighborhood together. I love spending time with that gal. We did some more talking and playfully flirted with each other. I also told her about an incident that happened at work. I have to say that my new position is definitely an exciting one! After our walk, me and Tara gave each other a hug before she had to go home and prepare for work in the morning. Damn work... it’s always cutting quality time short.

Me and Tara walking around my neighborhood.

I was just expressing myself to Tara about an incident I had at work. Hehe, I’m really enjoying my new promotion!

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What a great end to a year! Me, Tara, Genevieve, and Stephon had a really awesome night at my place. It’s hard to say goodbye to 1992, but I know 1993 will be just as good or even better! Anyways, the