Tara Dropped by so Jogging is Cancelled

I was on my way out to go for a jog. When I was about to close and lock the door, Tara came running up the steps and gave me a hug! I told her that it’s been too long since we last saw each other. She said that she missed me too and that work has been super busy. The last time I saw her was when we were having a barbecue at Magnolia Blossom Park with Genevieve and Stephon. So, I’m glad she dropped by! I can do my jogging another day. However, I better have a quick shower because I smell pretty badly. I wasn’t expecting any company today...

Tara Dropped By
Me and Tara


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What a great end to a year! Me, Tara, Genevieve, and Stephon had a really awesome night at my place. It’s hard to say goodbye to 1992, but I know 1993 will be just as good or even better! Anyways, the