Promoted to Opening Act!

Yes, yes, yes! All that bitching I did about my job earlier today, well... I got a flippin promotion! Woo! I’ve now officially earned the title of, “Opening Act!” Oh, I’m so excited to find out what my new tasks will be. I start my training tomorrow. Even better, I got a $14 increase in my paycheck! I also got a bonus of $595! I feel pretty damn good. Unfortunately, I won’t be going out to celebrate tonight because I did work a couple hours overtime and I’m just pooped. I was even too worn out to make a quality meal, so I just cooked up a microwave dinner for my late night supper instead. Now, I’m just watching some TV, and then I’m gonna crash.

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Chillin with Stephon and Having a Few Drinks

Work was non-stop today. I had quite a bit of presentations to do. It’s a little more complicated as compared to when I was an open mic seeker. Anyways, what the heck! I needed some excitement and fun