I Really Slept in Late Today

Damn, did I ever sleep in late today! I guess all that drinking last night really did a number on me... I woke up at 3:40pm. There was no way I was gonna make it to work today, so I called in and booked another vacation day off. I’m gonna have to take it easy on my vacation time going forward because I only got four days left... Well, the sun is shining, and it looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day out. After I grab something to eat, I’m gonna see if Tara, Genevieve, and Stephon want to chillout and join me at Magnolia Blossom Park for the day.

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Chillin with Stephon and Having a Few Drinks

Work was non-stop today. I had quite a bit of presentations to do. It’s a little more complicated as compared to when I was an open mic seeker. Anyways, what the heck! I needed some excitement and fun