An Exciting Beginning to a New Month!

I had such a great time with Tara last night. Holding her hands and then hugging her at the end of the night felt so good. I wish the night would have lasted forever!

Anyways, I got up pretty late today and made some hot dogs for brunch. My dad and Genevieve also came over. It’s good to see that my dad is coming over more often. Before he moved to Willow Creek, it had been such a long time since I last seen him and my mother. My dad is an awesome guy!

It’s also great to be hanging out with Genevieve a little more. We had some really good times together! I remember when we first started connecting. We were at the Oasis chatting it up at the bar while being drunk out of our minds! Good times! Genevieve is an awesome gal, and I’m glad she’s my best friend!

Well, I just finished doing the damn dishes, yeah my favourite... The place was pretty trashed. There were dirty dishes everywhere, and the hamburgers I cooked yesterday went bad because they were sitting out all night. I forgot to put them in the fridge...

I’m thinking I might book another vacation day off. Work hasn’t been the most exciting part of my life these days, and I’m just having such a great time hanging out with my dad and Genevieve! So, yeah... I’m gonna book another day off!

Chatting with my dad while he's chowing down on one of the delicious hot dogs I made!

Me, Genevieve, and my dad having a great time!

I forgot to put the burgers in the fridge, and they went bad...

Dirty dishes everywhere...

My favourite chore, doing the dishes...

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