A Beautiful End to October

I had such a wonderful time with Tara today. I don’t think I need to tell her that I like her because she knows it, and based on everything that happened today, I know she must like me too. After we finished talking at the museum, me and Tara went for a walk down the river path. We were both mostly silent but enjoying each other’s company. It was such a beautiful feeling just having her around me. Afterwards, we wrapped up the night by giving each other a hug before we both went home. Well, I’m pretty damn happy right now! This was such a beautiful end to October, but I can’t believe it’s already November. 1992 is almost over... Time sure flies!


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Me and Tara Held Hands

This is the best day of my life! Me and Tara finally held hands! Everything is just feeling so right. After finishing our drinks, me and Tara decided to go to the museum together despite both of us be