Chillin with Genevieve and Harper

It’s now 5am, and I’m still pumped! Stephon and Jermaine went home, but I’m now chillin with Genevieve and Harper. I didn’t know Harper was a bartender here. She seems pretty happy about her job. Me and Genevieve are catching up! I love this girl, she’s my best friend. I can talk to her about anything. It’s just complicated knowing that she likes me more than just friends but I’m in love with Tara. After that incident a little while ago, I think it left both her and Tara on pretty unsteady grounds towards one another. Well, it’s time to bug Harper for another drink!

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Me and Tara Held Hands

This is the best day of my life! Me and Tara finally held hands! Everything is just feeling so right. After finishing our drinks, me and Tara decided to go to the museum together despite both of us be