Replaced the Kitchen Sink

There’s one thing that really frustrates me, and that is how often this bloody kitchen sink seems to break down. I have had to repair the damn sink numerous times since moving to Willow Creek. So, I decided to just fork out some cash and buy a more reliable one. I really couldn’t afford this, but I’m just sick and tired of having to mop and repair the flippin sink! The new one looks pretty nice though. The guy at the store said it’s pretty reliable. Well, I guess it’s almost time to get ready and head down to the Oasis. I just got off the phone with my cousin Cassi, and she’s gonna meet me there soon.

Cleaning up the water that sprayed all over the floor...

Installed the new sink. It looks pretty nice, and the guy at the store said it's a reliable one.

Talking with my cousin Cassi. She's gonna meet me at the Oasis soon.

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