Introducing Cassi to Stephon and Harper

It looks like me and Cassi are gonna have a pretty good time at the Oasis tonight. We were just chatting outside the Oasis and then Stephon and Harper showed up. Cassi hasn’t met them yet. So, I introduced her to my friends. Stephon was telling her about the good times me and him have had together drinking some good booze, hehe! Her and Harper should get a long quite well. I don’t want to wake her up if she’s sleeping, but maybe Tara would like to join us so I can finally introduce Cassi to her. I’ll give her a shout a little later.

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Me and Tara Held Hands

This is the best day of my life! Me and Tara finally held hands! Everything is just feeling so right. After finishing our drinks, me and Tara decided to go to the museum together despite both of us be