A Drink and Some Tunes Before Work!

Wooo! Friggin A! Just killing some time before I head off to work. I’m listening to some tunes and made myself a nice strong Juice on the Rocks! My boss doesn’t need to know, hehe! I got a little buzz going, but it might make the day just go by that much faster. It’s been pretty boring at work these days. I actually found work much more entertaining when I was an Open Mic Seeker. This C-Lister business is just kind of dull... I’ve been thinking of the detective/police career again, but man do I ever want to become a film composer! However, getting there is such a pain in the ass...

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Me and Tara Held Hands

This is the best day of my life! Me and Tara finally held hands! Everything is just feeling so right. After finishing our drinks, me and Tara decided to go to the museum together despite both of us be