I Forgot to Put the Grilled Chicken Away...

I’m kinda upset right now... I completely forgot about the grilled chicken I barbequed earlier and left it outside on the table all evening. I came home after work and found it on the same table but with a few insects roaming around the plate. What a drag because the chicken turned out so good. Unfortunately, I had to throw it all out... It’s sad because I haven’t really stocked up on groceries and didn’t have much left to eat. So, I had to face my nightmare and cook up some macaroni and cheese for my late meal... I hate that crap, but it was one of the only things I had left to eat. Eating the stuff just made me gag on each bite. I’m gonna have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow. Well, I’m about to head off to the Rattlesnake. I need some whiskey to rinse that awful taste of macaroni and cheese out of my mouth.

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