A Hefty Bill but Two Days off and Some Good News!

Holy crap balls in vinegar! I just opened up my mailbox to find a hefty bill of 400 dollars... Damn, everything is just not going too well with the finances these days. I think I’m gonna have to start playing the violin in the park just to make some tips so I can have some spare cash...

Well, at least I got two days off! I haven’t really worked much lately because I’ve been using some vacation time for the last little while, but it sure feels good not having to work!

Also, I heard some good news today. Apparently, there are some new job openings in town and the neighboring communities. I heard some of the coworkers talking about new detective, doctor, and scientist positions being available in which all training and education is provided right on the job.

The new job positions sure caught my attention, but I still want to gear towards becoming a movie composer. I’m definitely going to share the word with Stephon because he’s currently unemployed right now.

Well, I’m just cleaning up this mess from earlier and then I’m gonna head down to the Blue Velvet for a couple of drinks and visit Genevieve. Damn... I hate doing the dishes...

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