The Blue Velvet

After searching Magnolia Blossom park, me and Tara decided to head down to the Blue Velvet for a drink. We went to the bar, and I raised my hand demanding a nice cold drink for me and my love, Tara!

"We'll get two ice-cold beers!" I yelled to the bartender.

The bartender placed the two beers on the counter. Me and Tara grabbed our drinks and stood by the window. We were talking about some of the good times we had together.

"We sure had a lot of good times together, Tara," I said.

We sure have, Ricky," Tara replied. "I look forward to the many more good times we'll share together!"

I smiled at her. "So do I, babe!"

Me and Tara made a toast to our love.

Afterwards, me and Tara went to sit down and discuss our next plans in the search for Genevieve, Stephon, and Brian. As we were trying to come up with some ideas, some guy heard our conversation and came and sat down next to us. He was telling us about how he was interested in our conversation. Me and Tara were both politely trying to tell him that it was none of his concern, but he kept on insisting that we tell him the full details of what was going on. After he finally realized that we weren't going to budge, he finally got up and left.

"Damn, people should mind their own business," I said to Tara.

"That guy was so annoying," Tara replied.

Me and Tara were just sitting there and thinking, and then I remembered something.

"Shit, I forgot that I have to work Saturdays," I said to Tara.

"I have Saturdays off," she replied.

"I'm just gonna go outside and call my boss," I said to Tara. "I'm gonna let him know that I need to take the day off."

"I'll be right here," Tara replied.

I went outside and called my boss. I didn't want to give him the details as to why I was taking the day off, so I just pretended that I was sick.

After getting off the phone with my boss, I went back inside. Me and Tara still haven't come up with any new ideas about where to look for our friends. For now, we're just gonna head back to her place.


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