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A Welcome Home Drink!

After spending a few moments looking around my home and taking comfort in being back, I immediately went to my bar to make me and Tara some drinks. I made us some wrenches. The wrench is my favorite!

Tara was sipping back on her drink, and I could tell that she was really enjoying it.

"What do you think, babe?" I asked Tara. "Is that a nice welcome home drink or what!?"

Tara took another sip and then put down the glass. "It's perfect, Ricky."

"I really love the wrench," I said. "It's the perfect first drink back!"

"It's a nice drink," Tara replied. "You made it extra strong!"

"Yup!" I responded. "That's to make up for all of the days that we had to go without precious booze."

Tara laughed. "Cheers, Ricky!"

"Cheers, babe!" I replied as I took a big sip from my glass.

As me and Tara continued to sip back on our drinks, we talked about some of the things that we experienced during our time in the world of the future.

"I remember when that damn giant was chasing me," I said to Tara. "I totally thought that I was gonna be a goner."

"That was pretty scary," Tara replied. "I saved you though!"

"Yeah, it was a good thing you diverted the giant's attention and ended up making it fall off the cliff," I responded. "Otherwise, it would have been lights out for me."

Tara took a sip from her glass and smiled. "You can thank me by giving me a kiss."

"With pleasure!" I responded as I gave Tara a kiss.

"One thing I really liked about the world of the future was the nice starry nights," Tara said. "They were so beautiful."

"Yeah, they were," I replied as I took a sip from my glass. "They would've been better with some booze though!"

Tara laughed.

"I also remember that time when you saved me from that possessed hyena," I said to Tara. "You sure saved me a lot while we were there in the world of the future."

"I'm always looking out for you, Ricky," Tara replied. "I love you."

"I love you too, Tara," I replied.

I continued to sip back on my drink while thinking about the whole situation. It's just so hard to believe that I have the power to travel through time. One day, I hope to unlock my full potential.

"Ricky!" Tara said. "You have dishes all over the place."

Tara was cleaning up my place while I was still finishing off my drink.

"Yeah, I forgot to wash them before we went to the park for Love Day," I replied. "It's a good thing that time was very nice and brought us back on the same day we went through the portal! Could you imagine if we were brought back a year later!?"

"I wouldn't be washing your dishes, that's for sure!" Tara said as she laughed. "You would be all on your own for that, Ricky!"

I laughed. "I wouldn't blame you."


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